Alan Weeks (director), Paul Streitz
and Gary Cherpakov
1981 Off-Broadway Production of
    Gary Cherpakov and Paul Streitz met in the New School's
    Theatre Musical Theatre Workshop conducted by Aaron
    Frankel and Ken Jacobson. In that workshop, they began OH,
    JOHNNY  [video], which was produced Off Broadway in 1981.
    They then went on to write Madison Avenue, the subliminal
    musical, along with Robert Moehl, who contributed "Thirty
    Seconds" and "It's All A Matter of Strategy."

    Gary Cherpakov attended Queens College and the BMI
    workshop for musical theatre. He is an art dealer in French
    period posters and now lives in Florida.

    Paul Streitz graduated from Hamilton College and the
    University of Chicago. He was on Mad Ave in various
    agencies, including JWT, Grey, BBDO, Y&R and DDB. He
    began his collaboration with Gary Cherpakov in the New
    School with the musical, OH, JOHNNY, which he produced. He
    is a member of the League of Off-Broadway Producers.

    Rober Moehl graduated from McCallister College and
    Columbia Business School. He was a creative director at
    DDB, Ogilvy, Wells Rich Green, Foote Cone and is now
    happily retired to Southampton.